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I have decided to challenge myself in a public way to finally achieve my goal of reaching the weight of 155 pounds, as well as a waist measurement of 34″ or less, and a body fat percentage of 16% or less.  This challenge starts today, October 28th, and runs through February 10th.

I deliberated about the time frame for achieving my goals.  Starting from a weight of around 170, I decided 1 pound a week would be a reasonable target, equaling 1/7 a pound per day.  In this blog project, I will be “thinking out loud,” sharing some ongoing or renewed efforts at weight management, as well as any discoveries of new ideas.  I would be delighted if my readers want to chime in to share their thoughts, or own struggles and/or insights as a fellow traveler on this popular path!

In a way, this “thinking out loud” is in itself a bit of an experiment, as according to Myers/Briggs Personality profiles, extraverts prefer thinking out loud, yet I am more on the introverted end of the scale. My idea, though, is that I have been unsuccessful in numerous prior attempts to reach and maintain my target, so it’s time to try something new!

My initial measurements are weight 169, waist 36-1/2″, caliper measure of belly fat, 19%.

I already have the outline of my basic strategy, but anticipate refinements and new ideas along the way.  I plan to focus on things I know are important but I have often found challenging:

  • increasing exercise, with a daily goal of 30 minutes walking or equivalent
  • increasing water intake to at least 80 ounces a day
  • increasing sleep to 7-8 hours
  • daily intake of green vegetables
  • keeping a food diary.

Lately, I’ve also been moving toward gluten-free eating, and have ordered a couple books on the subject which should arrive soon.  I also have identified herbs that are well-suited to my body/personality type that I will be incorporating, as well as continuing to refine my vitamin and mineral regimen .

I was reading in the October issue of a publication of my religious organization entitled Living Buddhism, that there is research that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals.  But the November issue of the same magazine features a lecture on the celebrating the New Year, including the thought: “The purpose of our Buddhist practice is to lead lives of complete fulfillment, with the spirit that every day is New Year’s Day and illuminated by the morning sun of time without beginning.” (SGI President Daisaku Ikeda)

I have also created a map  of the factors that influence weight, having the ambition of making it all-encompassing.  I will  certainly be open to suggestions by you, the readers, on anything missing that should be added.


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  1. Way to go Andy! I know you can accomplish this, as well as everything else you set your mind to. Don’t ever give up!

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