Thoughts After a Lengthy Hiatus

Hi, everyone. No, I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth! Time has been slipping away, but my efforts toward better health haven’t ceased despite setbacks in the realm of weight. Currently I am exploring a ketogenic dietary approach.

My first step is coffee with coconut and other oils for breakfast. The idea behind it, from the Bulletproof Diet, is to allow greater time without carbs between dinner and the next day’s first meal and encourage the body to operate in a fat-burning mode.  I started also adding a low carb protein powder, thinking it wouldn’t create a lot of carb-powered energy, but after a month or so of doing so consistently, my weight had not budged. I’ve now gone with just coffee and fat in the morning, aiming not always successfully to complete my masks by early evening. I’ve also stated applying a tip from Paul Pitchford of adding a different form of coconut, trying coconut water, which he believes can counteract the difficult that some people have with coconut oil alone.

I’ve also upped my exercise a lot this summer with my lighter schedule, and am experimenting with not weighing myself so frequently. I’m also increasing my water intake, and fairly consistently taking the anti inflammatory supplements they Dr. Perlmutter recommends