The Mostly German Philosophers Love Song (audio, lyrics, chords)

The Mostly German Philosophers Love Song

Alright, alright. Here it is.

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The Words:

Hegel, I Goethe, Goethe have ya,
‘Cuase I Nietzsche, Nietzsche, Nietzsche so bad.

Well I’d like to Leibniz the stars with you,
But I know you’d Schopenhauer late, like you always do.

Heidegger lovely ways, she’s got all I want.
And I’d like to Hesse some of her goodness — but I Kant.

Spinoza long since I have seen your face.
And so be-Feuerbach I shall not leave this place.

Well I Gadamer-ciful reply from her.
But as to Husserl-ove, I cannot say for sure.

Well I don’t Kierkegaard my heart with all my strength.
But now I’ve been in such a Fichte for such a length.
And I don’t know if my Wittgenstein to sing this lonely song.
That’s why Einstein away from you from now on.